Wishes and Weeds – Gifts from the Wildflower Meadow

“Wishes and Weeds” is an invitation to view yourself as a precious wildflower – capable of growing against all odds, without external praise or validation, and despite endured hardships. It is filled with beautifully crafted poems, passages, and quotes – all woven in the theme of wildflowers. It serves as a powerful reminder to find, cultivate, and share your gifts – in order to live a life of passion and purpose. “Wishes and Weeds” is the perfect gift book for anyone that you cherish, and hold close to your heart.

May you notice your wildflowers
along the roadside
while traveling to new places.
May you be startled by their beauty
while getting lost in nature.
May you breathe them in your being,
plant them in your soul
and wish upon them with every beat
of your precious,
well-worn heart.

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A Sample of Reviews

A heartfelt book on realizing our unique gifts, accepting …

By Donna

A heartfelt book on realizing our unique gifts, accepting them and sharing them with others. The book is full of inspiring passages that can be read over and over again.

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A sweet, gentle read

By Laurie Slinger

A sweet, gentle read. Both uplifting and thought inspiring. It is filled with reminders of how we can grow, like the wildflowers; beautiful and standing strong even when faced with obstacles we encounter along life’s way. I will pass this book on to all of the people that I care about. It is a book filled with positive affirmations that we can all use in our daily lives.

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Each passage is beautifully written with a meaningful message

By Jillian

This book is such a lovely read. Each passage is beautifully written with a meaningful message. It’s the perfect book to keep at your bedside and to read a few passages each night. This is the second book I’ve read by Carole Dowhan and I can’t wait to see what her next book holds!

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Awesome Book

By D.R.

Love this book. Once again, Carol’s book has touched my soul. It’s an inspiring, beautiful and positive book to help you realize that no matter what happens in life you aren’t alone. Even the wildflowers have a purpose. Everything and everyone is here for a purpose.